KETO OS Review – Instant Ketosis for Fat Burning
Fat Burning

KETO OS Review – Instant Ketosis for Fat Burning

Note: This is just a review.

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You’ve probably heard of “being in the state of ketosis” which is when you’re burning ketones for energy instead of glucose (fat burning mode).

Or you may have heard of the Ketogenic diet which is a fat/adequate that is high carb diet used in medicine which forces the body to burn fats rather than carbs.

The principle is the same, and there is a ton of scientific research that ketosis is a fire that is sure of melting fat while it’s used for energy.

But not everyone wants to adhere to a diet that is strict and that’s where a supplement can help.

There is a supplement that is new the market called Keto OS that is all the buzz right now and we recently had the chance to test it out.

Keto OS is a ketone supplement powder that gives you the benefits of ketosis without having to be in nutritional ketosis.

I have to say, our results were pretty remarkable!

So what is it about this supplement that can put you into fat burning mode without having to incorporate an energy restrictive diet?

Let’s talk about how this supplement works.

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15b - KETO OS Review

What is KETO OS?

Keto OS Benefits

Prüvit’s KETO//OS (Ketone Operating System) is a proprietary, exogenous ketone delivery drink that is the first of its kind.

Their mission statement “is to show you that anyone can Bio-hack their body that is own we can Prüvit.”

Normally, ketones are only produced during times of prolonged fasting which is why the average person has probably never experienced a ketosis burn that is fat.

Let’s face it, the average American never has to experience famine and most of us eat a carb that is high since food is so abundant. And who doesn’t love pizza?

So let’s talk about ketones and why they are an choice that is ideal fuel the body with more power and melt fat.

Ketones are a product of fat oxidation delivering a higher energy yield than glucose.

With 38% more energy than glucose, ketones are an energy that is ideal that can help you lose weight, increase your energy, perform your best, and just feel great.

Keto OS’s formula is a powder that you mix with water, juice or smoothie and drink up to twice per day.

It contains a specifically engineered formulation of proprietary ketone mineral salts for high energy fuel and protein synthesis that is optimal.

It comes in two formulas: the “Charged” version, which contains about the same amount ofcaffeine as you’d find in a cup of coffee, and the version that is non-caffeinated.

The long of the short is, drinking Keto OS can put your body into ketosis without having to restrict your diet which will allow you to burn fat and get shredded without losing muscle!

For optimal results, you should follow a diet that is sensible as Paleo or Ketogenic Diet, and follow a good exercise routine, but it’s not necessary to experience results, as Katie demonstrates below.

Are There Any Side effects KETO that is using OS?

As with any supplement, not everyone will have the experience that is same.

The recommendation is to start by drinking half of a packet per for a couple days, to get used to it and see how your body reacts day.

The Charged version does have caffeine, so you may want to opt for the caffeine free version, or only drink the Charged in the morning if you’re sensitive to caffeine.

It could have the potential side effect of keeping you up at night if you’re not used to caffeine, and drink the Charged late in the day.

But as myself, you may not even notice the caffeine if you’re a regular caffeine addict such.

KETO OS to our Personal Results

My sister in law, Katie, took Keto OS for just under three weeks and lost 10 lbs!

Her waist got freakin’ tiny, and her legs and butt got noticeably smaller and tighter as you can see from her before and after pictures, her chin is more defined, the fat underneath her arms diminished, her belly is leaner!

I was actually super impressed with her progress since I was familiar with her situation of having a hard time weight that is losing.

Katie also practices yoga to keep fit, but taking the Keto OS really pushed her into a whole new level of fat burning and she had a noticeable increase in energy, strength, and drive that is personal.

Katie’s Testimonial KETO that is using OS

I’m so excited to share with everyone my journey Keto that is using OS!

I’ve had epilepsy ever since I was 8 years old.

It’s when you have episodes of epileptic seizures if you aren’t familiar with the condition.

They are absolutely terrifying, not just for me, but for my family as well.

If you have epilepsy and are reading this, check with your Dr. first before trying a new supplement before I go any further, I also wanted to say that.

I’ve been on so medications that are many’s hard to even remember them all!

For a long time, I had no hope and a doctor had suggested for me it was hard to stick with that I go on a ketogenic diet since that helps with epilepsy, but.

One of the medications I’ve been on for a time that is long has made it extremely hard to lose fat like everyone else seems to, which has been very frustrating.

We finally found a combination of medication that controlled the seizures, but the weight was kept by the meds on.

Weight loss has been a struggle I know many people can relate to which is why I am sharing this with the world for me, which.

About a ago, a friend of mine who knew what I’d been going through introduced me to this product month. I cannot thank her enough!

When she mentioned “ketosis,” my antennas went off because of what my doctor recommended.

The results have been mind blowing!

In 3 weeks I have managed to lose 10 lbs of fat, and tighten up in every part of my body.Not only have I lost weight, but the product has made my yoga practice so much stronger and given me so motivation that is much!

I practice yoga 5 times a now with much more focus, intensity, and strength week.

I never had the dedication or the energy before like I do now.

I take the” that is“Charged OS in the morning, and the regular KETO OS in the evening.

I started out by taking only a half a packet a for about 3 days to let my body get used to it day.

I had a slight tummy that is upset first day but it didn’t last.

I drink mine with water and ice, and usually add lemon. Shake shake shake!

A lot of people take it with La Croix, or mix it with their smoothie, but it’s yummy just it tastes like a creamscicle on it’s own!

It was recommended to me to follow a Ketogenic diet as well as using the product. I have found that I didn’t need to. 3 weeks and these results!

I do however try to maintain a diet that is mostly clean.

I cut soda, cut out bread that is too much and cut a bit of alcohol as well.

It also curbs a complete lot of cravings and reduces a lot of inflammation in your body.

Overall, I would never regret the choice that I made in buying this product. It was a pricey that is little so worth it!

I recommend the Go Pack. Best deal!

Please follow along with me on my journey on Instagram and Youtube!

I shall continue to update you on my progress!

Follow me on Instagram @katiemccaskill and Youtube: Katie McCaskill.

Where Can I buy KETO OS?

Keto OS “Kan”

As of right now, the place that is only purchase Keto OS is online from their official website and it comes with a 100% 90 day money back guarantee.

The cost varies depending on how much you buy, and it is a bit pricey.

However, this is the first of its kind on the market – it’s the first product that is natural for purchase which elevates the blood ketone levels in the body.

KETO OS Charged and Non-Caffeinated “OTG” packs.

With results like you’ll see below – you might decide it’s worth it!

They have two versions of the drink powder, the On The Go (OTG) and Tubs (Kan).

The OTG is individual envelopes of a serving and the Kan is a container with a scoop.

15c - KETO OS Review

Here are the prices:

• 15 servings (OTG) = $85

• 30 servings (OTG) = $160

• 60 servings (Kan 30 + OTG 30) = $300

• 75 servings – Go Pack (Kan 30 + OTG 45) = $389

You can also save about $40 by agreeing to their Smart Ship program which would send you product that is additional 30 days, so they do have some options for savings.


Keto OS has proven itself to be a fat burning, energy boosting supplement that REALLY does work on an level that is outstanding.

Katie’s 10 lb weight loss in just under 3 weeks is remarkable!

She not only lost weight, but her overall energy, drive, and clarity that is mental, along with her yoga practice.

I can sense a change that is big her self confidence which is great to see.

This product would be beneficial and is recommended for BOTH men and women, and it’s worth watching a couple videos to hear what people are saying about it.

And while Keto OS is pricey, there is no other product on the market that works to put your body into ketosis without having to adhere to a diet that is strict.

So we give Keto OS a thumbs that are big!

We encourage you to check the Keto OS website out to learn more.

They have a lot of videos, additional testimonials and very information that is detailed the science behind this product which is very interesting.

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